Home Buyers Be Aware

The team at First Choice Loan Services Inc. loves providing you with a seamless mortgage experience. There’s a special thrill when you close on your home, for everyone involved. Sometimes, there are other people who also may be excited about your loan closing, but they were not involved in your mortgage transaction. Unfortunately, when a loan is closed, some of your contact information becomes public record. Outside vendors obtain this information and use it to market to you. Some will even do so using our name, misleading you that it comes from First Choice Loan Services. That’s why it’s good for home buyers be aware.

Please note, First Choice Loan Services does not sell your information to anyone. We highly value you and want to help you work diligently to protect your information. While we are unable to prevent unscrupulous vendors from using public information for their gain, we can provide you a few ways to protect yourself by being taken advantage of by them.

Look Out. Any marketing or communication you receive directly from First Choice Loan Services will include our logo and should use an email address with “@fcloans.com” in it. If both of those are not included, then be careful. It’s likely from an unapproved outside vendor. Also, there have been reports of companies requiring the purchase of a gift card before completing a loan application. This is not a practice ever done by First Choice Loan Services and is a misrepresentation of our process.

Do Not Call. Remember to visit the national Do Not Call registry at https://www.donotcall.gov/ where you are able to register your phone numbers on a list of phone numbers vendors are not to call. This process takes up to 30 days. If solicitation calls still continue, you are able to use this website to also report unwanted calls.

Opt-Out. At the bottom of email solicitations, you should see an “opt out” link. You can follow that to prevent future emails from that particular vendor. On a grander scale, you are able to visit https://www.optoutprescreen.com/ (or call 888-5-OPTOUT) for an opt-out process in which you can remove yourself from receiving prescreen offers of credit and insurance for 5 years or permanently. This process takes up to 5 days to take effect.

You are important to us, and so is your information. Although we can’t stop the access of public information, we hope you still take these easy steps to prevent any confusion.

Contact The Crosby Team at First Choice Loan Services today if you need any clarification or have any questions about protecting yourself!

Chad Peterson
Senior Vice President, Communications

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