Holiday Theme Party Ideas

The holiday season is full. Full of joy. Full of love. And full of activities. For those who are brave, in addition to all that is already going on, some decide to host a holiday party. Between the decorating, shopping and cooking, it can be a lot. If you’re throwing a festive holiday get-together this season, here are a few holiday party theme ideas to help you.

Elf It Up. Yes, Halloween was not long ago, so you may feel costumed-out. But, if you didn’t get your fill of theme parties, why not throw an elf-themed party? If you have bold friends, have them come dressed as elves, stripped tights and all. If you want to let them show off their winter wardrobe, then you can just provide them elf-inspired head gear. Use an online elf name generator and make name tags for your attendees. As all good elves do, have your guests bring a toy. Donate those that are collected to a local toy drive. Have one area of your event decorated with a great background for pictures so that people can take plenty of #elfies.

Crafty Contests. Start the night in the kitchen. Have an area of cookie decorating where your attendees can create their own special batch of cookies. Provide various colors of icing and toppings so that they can decorate their cookies however they like. Offer different cookie cutter shapes to choose. While those are baking, move from Top Chef to Project Runway. Anyone can throw an ugly Christmas Sweater party, but how about *making* ugly sweaters? There are kits available, and you can also purchase additional supplies to provide more options. Have a contest and allow people to vote for a winner. Don’t let the creativity stop there.

Colors. Maybe you want less activities and more socializing. That’s perfect. To help make your holiday party stand out from the others, though, encourage your guests to arrive wearing certain colors. Consider a Candy Cane Striped Night. Ask your guests to wear all red and white. You’ll find plenty of paper plates and cups that will help carry the color scheme throughout. For an added touch, have all the presents under your tree wrapped in red and white. Of course, you can cut the red entirely and have your own White Christmas. Again, asking your guests to arrive in all white outfits. You’ll find plenty of white ornaments to decorate your tree (with white lights, of course). Feeling crazy, add some shiny translucent items throughout your space. (You can have a Blue Christmas too with the same ideas.)

Turn Up the Heat. You’ve heard about Christmas in July… what about July in Christmas? Throw a Mele Kalikimaka party and have your guest dress for the beach… Hawaiian shirts, shorts, flips flops and all. Serve piña coladas and other light summer hors d’oeuvres. Don’t forget the leis!

Whichever direction you decide to take your holiday party, we hope above everything else it is full of joy and merriment. Don’t allow hosting a party to cast a cloud of stress over you. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed with those you love, so be sure if you’re throwing a party that YOU have fun too!

Chad Peterson
Senior Vice President, Communications

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