In today’s world of online shopping, it’s easy to find whatever we need just a few clicks away. However, what you may need may already be in your house. With just a few adjustments, some old items in your home may become like new and serve a brand new function. Consider how repurposing can work for you.

Ice Trays
Maybe you finally upgraded your refrigerator, and the new model includes an ice-making function. Now, you have a few ice trays on your hands. These can serve several new purposes. Ice trays are wonderful drawer organizers for small items. They also can serve as wonderful eating trays for small children, separating the food and controlling portion sizes.

Remove the handle from a rake you no longer use, clean the head, and hang it on the wall. It provides a creative way to store necklaces and bracelets so that pieces don’t get tangled. Not a jewelry person? It’s a decorative place to hang baseball hats, kitchen utensils, or even wine glasses.

Some work on the exterior of your home may have resulted in old shutters lying around. Before taking them to the dump, consider hanging one by a door frequently used for entering and exiting your home. With some clothes pins and S hooks, the old shutter can be a new place to keep keys, store outgoing mail, and clip reminders.

The concept of repurposing ladders has been around for some time. Often used as towel or magazine racks, they add a unique feature to a room. With a few additional steps, ladders can also provide two other functions. First, consider using it as a new place to hang damp laundry. Using a saw, size the ladder accordingly, add a coat of paint, and hang it from the ceiling of your laundry room. With hooks fastened to the rungs, you can give your shower curtain rod a break and use this as a place to hang clothes that need time to air dry. Another ladder option includes hanging it horizontal on the wall and using it as a book shelf. Either leave the weathered look or give it a nice coat of paint.

Similar functions that people use for ladders can be applied to cribs. If your children have outgrown their cribs and you aren’t quite ready to give them away (the cribs, not the children), then you can use the railing as a rack for magazines, towels, or blankets. The railing can be used like this for as long as you need it or until it is needed as a crib again.

Did the glass break in your favorite frame? If another pane of glass is not available for replacement and you want to keep the frame, use picture wire to hang across the frame, attaching at the back. With several rows of wire, you have a beautiful place to showcase and store your earrings.

Our society is one of convenience and immediacy. Now, more than ever, it is important to think of ways we can repurpose what is around us so that we do everything we can to help lessen our individual carbon footprint. It’s earth friendly and also can add unique and functional touches to your home!

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