The Language of Loans

Every industry has jargon. Home lending is no exception. When you decide to purchase a home, it’s not enough that you’re venturing into unfamiliar territory full of contracts, appraisals, inspections and title binders. Nope, you are suddenly facing a slew of acronyms that mean nothing to you, but are oh-so-important to understanding your home loan. […]

Clean Habits for Homeowners

It starts with a spoon. Then, a cereal bowl. A plate is next, followed by a pan. Before you know it, the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes. It doesn’t stop there. A load of laundry needs folding. The floor needs sweeping, and the bathroom could use your attention too. With everything else going […]

August 2019 Housing Market Recap

The August 2019 Housing Market Recap shows existing home sales rose in August for the second month in a row. However, regional sales results were mixed, with gains in three regions and a loss in one. Prices continued to rise, as they have for seven and a half years. Days on the market rose, but […]


In today’s world of online shopping, it’s easy to find whatever we need just a few clicks away. However, what you may need may already be in your house. With just a few adjustments, some old items in your home may become like new and serve a brand new function. Consider how repurposing can work […]

Budgeting and Planning a Renovation

Is your home a little…tired? Are you house-hunting and finding properties you love except…they need some work? The solution is renovation. If you want to improve your current home, you probably already have ideas, from the important-but-mundane (new roof) to the more-frivolous-but-fulfilling (spa bathroom). If you are buying a home, the home inspection will reveal […]

Handling Robocalls

It happens to me no less than three times a day. The phone rings. I hope it’s a friend inviting me to a fun event or even a family member calling with good news. But, no. More times than not, it’s a solicitor. The messages range from offering a different insurance plan to applying for […]

June 2019 Housing Market Recap

After a promising increase in May, existing home sales dropped as reflected in the June 2019 Housing Market Recap. While two regions saw small gains in sales, they were more than offset by losses in the other two regions. Of course, prices aren’t slowing down. The median sales price for existing homes hit an all-time […]

Fast Ways to Add Curb Appeal

When it’s time to sell, you’ll want to make your home as attractive as possible. Sparkling clean? Check. All appliances and systems working? Check. Clutter tamed? Check. Staged (if your Realtor® advises it)? Check. That takes care of the inside, but what about the outside? Those critical first seconds when a prospective buyer sees the […]

Wire Fraud Can Steal Your New Home

Fraud takes our money and undermines our trust. Real estate wire fraud targets the transfer of funds in the last stages of a transaction. In the worst-case scenario, wire fraud can steal your home. So if you read nothing else today, please read this: No matter what, your initial wiring instructions for your purchase will […]

Building a Green Home

If you plan to build a green home, energy efficiency will be high on your list of requirements. However, there’s more to green building that the cost of heating, cooling and Energy Star appliances. (Although all three are important!) Building a green home takes into account the entire life of the structure, from planning to […]