Budgeting and Planning a Renovation

Is your home a little…tired? Are you house-hunting and finding properties you love except…they need some work? The solution is renovation. If you want to improve your current home, you probably already have ideas, from the important-but-mundane (new roof) to the more-frivolous-but-fulfilling (spa bathroom). If you are buying a home, the home inspection will reveal […]

Handling Robocalls

It happens to me no less than three times a day. The phone rings. I hope it’s a friend inviting me to a fun event or even a family member calling with good news. But, no. More times than not, it’s a solicitor. The messages range from offering a different insurance plan to applying for […]

June 2019 Housing Market Recap

After a promising increase in May, existing home sales dropped as reflected in the June 2019 Housing Market Recap. While two regions saw small gains in sales, they were more than offset by losses in the other two regions. Of course, prices aren’t slowing down. The median sales price for existing homes hit an all-time […]

Fast Ways to Add Curb Appeal

When it’s time to sell, you’ll want to make your home as attractive as possible. Sparkling clean? Check. All appliances and systems working? Check. Clutter tamed? Check. Staged (if your Realtor® advises it)? Check. That takes care of the inside, but what about the outside? Those critical first seconds when a prospective buyer sees the […]

Wire Fraud Can Steal Your New Home

Fraud takes our money and undermines our trust. Real estate wire fraud targets the transfer of funds in the last stages of a transaction. In the worst-case scenario, wire fraud can steal your home. So if you read nothing else today, please read this: No matter what, your initial wiring instructions for your purchase will […]

Building a Green Home

If you plan to build a green home, energy efficiency will be high on your list of requirements. However, there’s more to green building that the cost of heating, cooling and Energy Star appliances. (Although all three are important!) Building a green home takes into account the entire life of the structure, from planning to […]

May 2019 Housing Market Recap

After two months of sales declines, existing home sales rose, as reflected in the May 2019 Housing Market Recap. All regions saw sales gains, with the Northeast leading the charge. Prices increased yet again, while the pace of sales dropped slightly from the previous month. Although inventory rose, it remains near historic lows and continues […]

Best of Your Backyard

——————————————————————————– June 21 marks the first day of summer. There’s no better season to make the best of your backyard. Here are a few ways to make this area of your home your new favorite place to entertain (with only a little labor required)! Design Your Own Putt-Putt Course: This is a great summer project […]

7 Things Not to do Before Buying a Home

All the signs may be pointing to yes. Everything in your life may be in line and in favor of you purchasing a home. Even though you may see a lot of green lights to move forward, there are a few stop signs that are good to recognize and listen to. The home buying process […]

6 Habits That Kill Your Metabolism

The world seems to keep moving faster and building up steam, but as we age, our body’s metabolism slows down. (A great thing to say once we’re entering bathing suit season, huh?) Although it’s true that our metabolism rate declines, it doesn’t mean that we’re helpless. There are daily habits that kill your metabolism. If […]